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Grade 9-12 College and Career

College & Career PREPARATION AND Planning

College & Career PREPARATION AND Planning

High school students are encouraged to attend school grade level counseling presentations, follow school college and career events, meet with their counselors, and to use these resources below to research and plan the college and career opportunities that meet their individual needs.   Please visit individual high school counseling websites for site specific college and career events and resources.
Free information and resources to help guide the college and career planning process:
College Career
Research Colleges - Here are some tools to try:
Research careers - Here are some tools to try:
Take required graduation and college admission coursework, including CSU/UC a-g requirements and consider taking an Early College Credit class. Talk to your counselor with any questions.
Take practical classes - Investigate the SDUHSD Career Technical Education (CTE) program. Did you know that SDUHSD offers 39 CTE Courses for students to take to explore career pathways, participate in work-based learning and gain industry recognized skills and certifications?
Review the college admission process that is right for you: Definitions of Admission options in Higher Education (
Internships and Work Experience. Explore opportunities in your community to prepare you for entry into the workforce.
College Admission Testing: Refer to college entrance requirements to determine if you will need to take SAT or ACT exams and College Board and ACT websites for dates and information. Check for over 1820 colleges that do not require testing and visit the SDUHSD Testing and Assessment webpage for specific local testing information.
Explore extracurricular options like clubs and summer programs and consider volunteering, internships and jobs in areas related to your interests.
Visit College Campuses in person or virtually- Talking with the college representative is a great way to learn more about the campus and determine if it’s a fit for you.  SDUHSD offers virtual college visits during the 2021-2020 school year, students should refer to the SDUHSD College and Career Events Calendar. 
Learn and practice new skills including hands-on activities and projects, help your family or others with tasks and pursue hobbies and interests that you enjoy without any pressures.
Learn more about how to create a résumé for college by accessing the library of APPLIED DIGITAL SKILLS How to create a résumé video.
Start a résumé designed to apply for jobs now!  If you apply for a job during high school it will be helpful to start keeping track of your experiences and skills.
Plan ahead and talk about the costs of college. Review this Understanding Financial Aid resource to determine the cost of the colleges, learn more about the FAFSA, grants and scholarships.         For more info, visit the Financial Aid page.
Preview the SDUHSD Career Pathway Plan (CPP) documents to learn more about how students can continue to study these pathways in certificate, AA/AS programs, and BA/BS programs. Labor market information and valued skills are included too!
Investigate Early College Credit courses and consider taking articulated or dual enrollment courses in high school that offer college credit.
Learn and practice new skills including hands-on activities and projects, help your family or others with tasks and pursue hobbies and interests that you enjoy without any pressures.
Continue to talk to friends, family, teachers, counselors, coaches and mentors about college experiences and options!
Continue to talk to friends, family, teachers, counselors, coaches and mentors about careers and establish networks!
GRADE 12 College and CAreer Application

GRADE 12 College and CAreer Application

Senior year is an exciting and busy year for students. Prior preparation will pay off now! Seniors and families should attend the 12th grade events and presentations at their school, use the tools provided and follow all communications from the counselors, district and colleges. Approach the college and career application process with patience and complete one step at a time to help minimize stress. Pay close attention to college and employment procedures and timelines. Ask for help from your support team of family, friends, teachers and counselors to walk alongside you during the college and career application process.
College Career
College Application links Internship, Certificate, and Apprenticeship Opportunities
Organize your college application process - refer to this video to learn how to organize your college list on Google sheets. Interview Prep Tips - It's important to prepare for job interviews, refer to these tips before you meet with a potential employer.
College Application fee waivers - Refer to individual college campuses regarding college application costs and opportunities for fee waivers. Attend Career Fairs and Events to see what career opportunities are available. Refer to the San Diego Workforce Partnership Events Calendar.
College Data - a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, this site contains tools to explore and search, to determine competitiveness for admission along with costs, the Expected Family Contribution and financial aid, and graduation data. Access local and regional salary information about careers you may be interested. Check out Salary Surfer to compare wage information within various career pathways.